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  • Helical Systems Ltd.

    Helical Systems Ltd.

    Tel: 01959 541148

    Manufacturer and Supplier of GroundScrew ScrewPiling...
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  • Benfield CUSTOM Homes Ltd

    Benfield CUSTOM Homes Ltd

    Tel: 01291 437 050

    Specialist CUSTOM homes provider We co...
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  • Drawing Desk Ltd

    Drawing Desk Ltd

    Tel: 07984649600

    Architects, Technologists, Designers
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  • SelfBuild Insurance

    SelfBuild Insurance

    Tel: 0800 230 0225

    At Selfbuild Insurance we understand the needs of th...
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  • MBC Timber Frame UK Ltd.

    MBC Timber Frame UK Ltd.

    Tel: 01452346499

    MBC specialise in the production of timber frame Pas...
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  • Home Design Studios

    Home Design Studios

    Tel: 07855322018

    Home Design Studios are a team of innovative archite...
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  • Building Mechanics

    Building Mechanics

    Tel: 07534 675747

    We are a group of dedicated individuals who speciali...
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  • mba [Matchbox Architects]

    mba [Matchbox Architects]

    Tel: 01933698001

    Design-led chartered architects and structural eng...
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  • John Nicholls (Trading) Ltd

    John Nicholls (Trading) Ltd

    Tel: 01869 369880

    John Nicholls is the leading Independent Building &a...
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  • Staircraft Limited

    Staircraft Limited

    Tel: 01604 682845

    Staircraft is the market leading supplier of timber...
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  • TimberTecs Eco Design

    TimberTecs Eco Design

    Tel: 01291 437 050

    TimberTecs ECO Design"One Stop Planning...
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  • Benfield Homes UK

    Benfield Homes UK

    Tel: 01291 437 050

    Full SIP’s and Timber Frame Design & Builds
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  • Bright Forest Limited

    Bright Forest Limited

    Tel: +44 20 3355 6068

    Bright Forest is the general importer for NUR-HOLZ w...
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  • The National Self Build & Renovation Centre

    The National Self Build & Renovation Centre

    Tel: 0345 223 4455

    The National Self Build & Renovation Centre is t...
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  • Protek Self Build

    Protek Self Build

    Tel: 0333 456 8030

    Protek is a self build insurance prov...
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  • PML Architecture

    PML Architecture

    Tel: 02071838166

    PML Architecture are a design led architecture and d...
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  • CDMPC (H&S Consultants and Principal Designers)

    CDMPC (H&S Consultants and Principal Designers)

    Tel: 07912496970

    CDMPC began trading in 2009, the company was creat...
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  • Bucks Recycling

    Bucks Recycling

    Tel: 01296 651 678

    Bucks recycling has been providing professional, rel...
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  • FFOREST Timber Eng. Ltd.

    FFOREST Timber Eng. Ltd.

    Tel: 07801 699 979 / 01243 830 865

    FFOREST est 1994. manufacture & install the stru...
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  • Trunk CLT

    Trunk CLT

    Tel: 02082421738

    We design, engineer, supply and erect CLT (solid tim...
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