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  • Paul Miles Plumbing and Heating Limited

    Paul Miles Plumbing and Heating Limited

    Tel: 07778 545823

    Paul Miles Plumbing and Heating Ltd is a local famil...
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  • Worcester Renewables Ltd

    Worcester Renewables Ltd

    Tel: 01386 871490

    We are your Local Renewable Energy Solution Expert.
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  • Kensa Heat Pumps

    Kensa Heat Pumps

    Tel: 0845 680 4328

    British-made ground source heat pumps from the UK...
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  • Insta Group Ltd

    Insta Group Ltd

    Tel: 0800 023 2944

    InstaGroup has been improving the energy performan...
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  • Showersave


    Tel: 02893344488

    The Showersave system :   Is the most...
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  • Electrical-Magic


    Tel: 01296 330149

    Electrical- Magic are based 25 minutes from G...
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  • EV Charging Points Ltd

    EV Charging Points Ltd

    Tel: 0800 772 3124

    EV Charging Points are located in Bicester and opera...
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  • SBS


    Tel: 0800 688 8388

    SBS are the energy efficient experts within Travis P...
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  • Oxford Renewables Ltd

    Oxford Renewables Ltd

    Tel: 0118 984 1753

    We install renewable energy solutions for homes....
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  • Thermo-Floor Ltd

    Thermo-Floor Ltd

    Tel: 01455 203205

    Thermo-Floor is one of the largest pr...
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  • Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd

    Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd

    Tel: 01865 841911

    Steve Cross Plumbing &Heatng are an Oxford based...
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  •  Travis Perkins

    Travis Perkins

    Tel: 01869 244301

    Travis Perkins have supplied building materials to t...
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  • Smart Renewable Heat

    Smart Renewable Heat

    Tel: 0800 865 4328

    With over 20 years experience and several thousand h...
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  • Loxone Smart Home

    Loxone Smart Home

    Tel: 01183 130 140

    With so many smart home solutions out there, it can...
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  • Oxford Solar PV

    Oxford Solar PV

    Tel: 01865 875555

    Family owned renewable energy company specialising i...
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  • Bucks Recycling

    Bucks Recycling

    Tel: 01296 651 678

    Bucks recycling has been providing professional, rel...
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  • M&M Waste Solutions

    M&M Waste Solutions

    Tel: 01865 880559

    M&M Waste Solutions have been at the forefront o...
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  • KJN Services Ltd

    KJN Services Ltd

    Tel: 01869278389

    We are a family run company with over 50 years exper...
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  • UK Plumbing Supplies

    UK Plumbing Supplies

    Tel: 01608 646453

    With over 40 years combined experienc...
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  • Bicester Builders

    Bicester Builders

    Tel: 07468424155

    We are a Building Company Based in Bicester . we hav...
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