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  • Blakedown Sport & Play Ltd

    Blakedown Sport & Play Ltd

    Tel: 01295 738238

    Blakedown is a UK-wide landscape construction and sp...
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  • Model Projects

    Model Projects

    Tel: 02070958833

    Model Projects are an award winning architectural de...
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  • Greenspace Architects Ltd

    Greenspace Architects Ltd

    Tel: 07717 704098

    Greenspace Architects Ltd is an eco-architectural pr...
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  • Halo Haus

    Halo Haus

    Tel: 03333 445 450

    Halo! We make buildings better. Using home automatio...
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  • Electrical-Magic


    Tel: 01296 330149

    Electrical- Magic are based 25 minutes from G...
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  • Thinking Buildings

    Thinking Buildings

    Tel: 01295722830

    We’re a team of friendly, approachable, professional...
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  • Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd

    Steve Cross Plumbing & Heating Ltd

    Tel: 01865 841911

    Steve Cross Plumbing &Heatng are an Oxford based...
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  • Trojan Workplace Solutions Ltd

    Trojan Workplace Solutions Ltd

    Tel: 01270 753692

    We offer a bespoke service to all involved in constr...
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  • Acquie Consulting

    Acquie Consulting

    Tel: 07738741208

    We are a construction consultancy business providing...
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  • Bucks Recycling

    Bucks Recycling

    Tel: 01296 651 678

    Bucks recycling has been providing professional, rel...
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  • Stommel Haus UK

    Stommel Haus UK

    Tel: 0800 068 16 11

    Stommel Haus is a German premium supplier of...
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  • CLPM Ltd

    CLPM Ltd

    Tel: 01923 896550

    CLPM is a construction consultancy. We support self...
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  • KIN Architects

    KIN Architects

    Tel: 033 0223 2046

    Beautiful, sustainable, Passive House homes.
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  • SelfBuild Insurance

    SelfBuild Insurance

    Tel: 0800 230 0225

    At Selfbuild Insurance we understand the needs of th...
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  • Corners UK SIPS

    Corners UK SIPS

    Tel: 01628 617419

    We supply SIP Panels to the UK since 2009.
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  • Aperio Audio Visual Ltd

    Aperio Audio Visual Ltd

    Tel: 01793 220525

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  • Drawing Desk Ltd

    Drawing Desk Ltd

    Tel: 07984649600

    Architects, Technologists, Designers
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  • Bicester Builders

    Bicester Builders

    Tel: 07468424155

    We are a Building Company Based in Bicester . we hav...
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  • Home Design Studios

    Home Design Studios

    Tel: 07855322018

    Home Design Studios are a team of innovative archite...
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  • PML Architecture

    PML Architecture

    Tel: 02071838166

    PML Architecture are a design led architecture and d...
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