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  • Alhambra Tiles Ltd

    Alhambra Tiles Ltd

    Tel: 020 3417 6385

    Alhambra Tiles Ltd sources and supplies authen...
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  • JW Architects Ltd

    JW Architects Ltd

    Tel: 07786380357

    Based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire JW Architec...
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  • TimberTecs Eco Design

    TimberTecs Eco Design

    Tel: 01291 437 050

    TimberTecs ECO Design"One Stop Planning...
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  • Abodde Housing

    Abodde Housing

    Tel: 01628 617419

    Abodde Housing offer modern single story Long houses...
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  • Corners UK SIPS

    Corners UK SIPS

    Tel: 01628 617419

    We supply SIP Panels to the UK since 2009.
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  • The National Self Build & Renovation Centre

    The National Self Build & Renovation Centre

    Tel: 0345 223 4455

    The National Self Build & Renovation Centre is t...
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  • Sophie Nguyen Architects

    Sophie Nguyen Architects

    Tel: 020 3176 6165

    Sophie Nguyen Architects is a RIBA C...
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  • Kitchen Matters

    Kitchen Matters

    Tel: 01908233333

    Design, supply and installation of contemporary and...
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  • Tile Giant

    Tile Giant

    Tel: 01926 422755

    As the fastest growing tile specialist in the...
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  • KIN Architects

    KIN Architects

    Tel: 033 0223 2046

    Beautiful, sustainable, Passive House homes.
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    Tel: 0203 004 9192

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  • Morban Ltd

    Morban Ltd

    Tel: 0870 1417042

    Morban are a local supplier of lighting controls, ho...
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  • Fakro GB Ltd

    Fakro GB Ltd

    Tel: 01283 554755

    Fakro are one of the largest roof window and loft la...
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  • J&S House of Design Ltd

    J&S House of Design Ltd

    Tel: 01865 596768

    J&S House of Design are specialist suppliers...
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  • Thinking Buildings

    Thinking Buildings

    Tel: 01295722830

    We’re a team of friendly, approachable, professional...
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  • Birch Commercial Furnishings Ltd

    Birch Commercial Furnishings Ltd

    Tel: 08006894756

    At Birch Commercial Furnishings Ltd, we offer an all...
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  • lapd architects

    lapd architects

    Tel: 01865 407722

    Free Initial Consultation. We help you realise the l...
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  • LARANZA Limited

    LARANZA Limited

    Tel: 01462 713242 / 01284 771455

    LARANZA is a family-run business, specialising in th...
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  • Oxford Wood Recycling

    Oxford Wood Recycling

    Tel: 01235 861228

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  • Office S&M

    Office S&M

    Tel: 07728385870

    We design homes that make the most of space, time an...
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