NEWS: Graven Hill to undertake significant improvement work to A41 roundabout • Safer environment for all road users • Traffic delays expected Find out more HERE



Here, you will find a range of additional information and resources, including downloadable documents, to guide you on the journey to creating your perfect home at Graven Hill.

Please also refer to the FAQs section for more information and advice.

  • View and download the Graven Hill location map here. This shows you where Graven Hill is situated in relation to Bicester town centre and the surrounding area.
  • As Graven Hill takes shape, we will be adding film content to inform and inspire you.

  • Download the Graven Hill Design Code here.

    To download this file please ensure you are on a wifi connection as the file is 60MB.

  • A key concern for most people, whether buying or building a house, is getting a mortgage.  Self-build mortgages are available from some lenders but are different from standard mortgages. is a useful source of information about this. 

    Graven Hill Village Development Company have been raising with the Government and lenders the need for more self-build mortgages in the marketplace. We are developing relationships with mortgage lenders and valuation companies to show them what we are doing and introduce the Graven Hill concept. We are pleased to report that initial property valuations at Graven Hill by lenders validate our estimates.

  • Graven Hill will have its own Development Rules - these will be available early-mid April 2017 and will provide everything a self-builder will need to know about health and safety at the site. 

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