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Your Plot Passport to

Planning permission

All self-build plots at Graven Hill come with their own unique Plot Passport, providing all the key information about your site that you need to complete your home successfully.

Following these rules and guidelines carefully will mean your planning permission should be confirmed quickly. This is because Cherwell District Council have put in place a Local Development Order (LDO) for parts of Graven Hill (we aim to eventually extend this to the whole site).

Plot Passport fast route to planning permission:

  • You should obtain pre-application cost/budget advice
  • You should commission designers to produce your drawings
  • You need to finalise your plans and submit formal application
  • We will provide pre-application advice
  • Compliance check and confirmation of Planning Permission from the Local Planning Authority should be received within 28 days of registration of the application 

View a sample Plot Passport.

Traditional route to planning permission typically takes 8 to 13 weeks.

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