Phase 1A opened for sale in August 2016, and demand remains high as buyers recognise the fantastic opportunity to build your dream home at Graven Hill.

Our latest release of plots (Release 4, 21 November 2016) includes a mix of plots suitable for homes with up to three and up to four bedrooms, all close to the village centre. There are still some plots remaining from earlier releases, offering excellent value and equity potential. Please scroll down for details of all currently available plots and see the Phase 1A overview map for their location. We recommend that you register your interest with the sales team as soon as possible for the best chance of securing the plot of your choice.

A priority period applies for people who live or work in the Cherwell District Council area (proof required).

For more information and advice please contact the sales team at or call 01295 753700.

What is available to buy now?

We regularly update plot availability for each release as shown below. Full details, including current prices, are also available to download.

Availability & Pricing

Fifth Release (from 17/03/16)

We will continue the staged release of Phase 1A plots throughout 2017, with a further eight Golden Brick plots now available.

This latest batch comprises of three 4 Bedroom plots, ranging in price from £230,000 to £235,000 for the plot (118, 175 & 176), one 4/5 Bedroom plot (156), one 5 Bedroom plot (122) and three 5/6 bedroom plots (127, 128 & 129) ranging from £235,000 to £265,000 for the plot.

Fourth Release (from 21/11/16)

We are continuing the steady release of plots in Phase 1A with a further nine Golden Brick plots.

Four 3 Bedroom plots, ranging in price from £149,000 to £152,000 for the plot (83, 84, 85, 86)
Two 4 Bedroom plots (93 & 94) and three 4/5 Bedroom plots (148, 149, 150), ranging in price from £208,000 to £227,500 for the plot.

Third Release (from 25/10/16)

Following strong interest the second release of plots, in particular for the larger 5 bedroom plots, we have brought forward a further release of 5 bedroom Golden Brick plots. Plots 130 – 133 are now available for sale.

Four 5 Bedroom plots, ranging in price from £230,000 to £250,000 for the plot – 130, 131, 132, 133.

Second Release (from 13/10/16)

Twelve Golden Brick plots for detached homes:

Five 3 Bedroom plots, ranging in price from £148,000 to £160,000 for the plot – 72, 73, 87, 89, 90

Five 4 Bedroom plots, ranging in price from £180,000 to £210,000 for the plot – 71, 74, 88, 91, 92

Two 5 Bedroom plots, ranging in price from £245,000 to £260,000 for the plot – 134, 135

First Release

Ten Golden Brick plots for detached homes – Three 5 Bedroom Plots REMAINING (plots 41 – 43)

Golden Brick explained

Self-builders at Graven Hill buy a ‘Golden Brick’, which includes the plot plus foundations and other benefits. Buying a Golden Brick is ideal for your self-build project if you want:

  • a detached home
  • to decide the size of your home (subject to your choice of plot)
  • a high level of control over the design and build of your home
  • fast tracked Planning Permission
  • your foundations, drainage, substructure walls, ground floor slab and connections for utilities designed and built for you by Graven Hill
  • 10 year Structural Warranty with additional benefits
  • options to buy a low energy, high performance custom build home, designed, precision-made and assembled on site for you by a specialist supplier.
  • site insurances

Plot Passports

Every plot at Graven Hill comes with its own unique Plot Passport, with all the key information about your site that you need to complete your home successfully.

These have been developed from the Graven Hill Design Code. Following these rules and guidelines carefully will mean your planning permission should be confirmed quickly.

This is because Cherwell District Council have put in place a Local Development Order (LDO) for Phase 1A.

About the pricing

The total price you pay for the Golden Brick will include the price of the plot plus the construction cost of the foundations. The plot price is fixed; the cost of the foundations will depend on the size and design of the home you choose to build.

Your Plot Passport comes with a notional house design for the plot and we give a notional price for the foundations based on this design. You can choose to build the notional design if you wish – this option means you can be sure of the total price of your Golden Brick package at an earlier stage.

Of course one of the main reasons people choose to self-build is the freedom and pleasure of designing your own dream home. Follow all the rules and guidelines on the Plot Passport and when you have finalised and frozen your design, we will be able to price your foundations. The actual price of your foundations will depend on the design you choose to build. If your design is bigger or more complex, the cost of the foundations will be higher. Or if your design is smaller and less complex, the cost of the foundations might be less.

All information presented here is current as at October 2016 and is subject to change.