Behind the scenes, great progress is being made towards realising the UK’s largest and most innovative self-build project.

Last month we revealed the first glimpse of our visual identity and in the next few days a new, information rich website will go into production, designed to deliver the quality of information you’ve been asking us for.

Together, these are just part of realising the Graven Hill Vision – To create accessible opportunities for people who want to build their own home in an environment featuring extensive open space and with a strong sense of personality.

A Masterplan and a Design Code have recently been completed to underpin this vision. The Graven Hill Design Code provides a wealth of information, including a background to the twelve Character Components that will be featured across the site. It also gives an overview of the proposed self-build process, together with a description of the proposed Plot Passports. A second section looks at the requirements for each Character Component in more detail, describing the qualities desired, the level of design freedom available and the design principles to be applied.

We’re sure you’ll find it of interest.

To download your copy of the Graven Hill Design Code, simply click on either button below.

High Resolution (95MB)

Low Resolution (33MB)