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More than half of Britain's population like the idea of building their own home. At Graven Hill self and custom-build are a reality.

Whether you have opted to self-build or custom-build your new home, getting started on the work is an exciting time.

Of course it can also be hard work, but when you are building at Graven Hill you will not be on your own. Not only do we have a team of people who can offer expert advice and support along the way, you will also be in good company as you work side-by-side with hundreds of other people, who all share a similar dream of creating and building their own home too. 

There are of course some rules around what is permitted - for example, plot passports have been developed for each plot setting out very specific details including Gross Internal Area (GIA), and ridge height.  And to ensure the overall look and feel of the entire development is maintained over time, we have created a design code which sets out the characteristics of each of the designated zones, this includes information such as material pallets.  By providing this information up front, we believe it gives people who are interested in purchasing or creating a home at Graven Hill a clearer idea of what the development will eventually look like, so that they can make informed choices about what best suits their individual requirements.

Once you have completed your building work there are a few practicalities that you will need to consider, such as obtaining a Completion certification - but then it is on to the fun part ... appreciating your hard work, celebrating your success and starting to live your dream.

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